is a social network, which is dedicated to its members alone: the community

Service Agreement

On RoundOF there are no "Terms of Use" as on other platforms. We have a "Service Agreement" instead. With this agreement the operator offers both you as a single user as well as the community of all users services on the platform RoundOF. When you register with RoundOF, you agree with this contract. One thing is clear: You're the customer. The operator is only obliged to you and to other users. There is neither advertisers nor shareholders or investors, whose interests must be taken into account. RoundOF is dedicated to its users alone.

This contract has been phrased by the operator to the best of its knowledge and belief. A revision by a lawyer is still pending. The planned revision is only for legal clarification, the intentions shown here will be retained. Once the revised version is ready, you get another opportunity to accept the contract, or reject it. Also, the original version of the agreement is in german. This english translation is only for informational purposes.

RoundOF is an Internet platform for communication with friends and other people.
Operator is Achim Wagenknecht.
Users are in this respect you, if you accept this agreement.
Community is the community of all users of RoundOF.

RoundOF is financed by its users for one another. Participation is chargeable, but can not be self-paid. Each user can, however, pay for one or more other users. Contributions paid are generally non-refundable.

The operator is obliged to provide the best possible performance to its users with the resources available. Nevertheless no guarantee for the safety, function or availability of RoundOF or individual parts can be given.

The operator will publish the revenue and expenditure of RoundOF.

When RoundOF generates profits, the community will decide how to spend them.

RoundOF is owned by the operator. RoundOF may not be sold. The operator is contractually bound to you, and to any other user of RoundOF, to not sell RoundOF. Should he nevertheless sell RoundOF, he pays each member a compensation of 1,000 euros. When RoundOF generates enough profit to sustain a formal company, a cooperative will be founded as a german "Genossenschaft" (e.G.). This way the RoundOF community will take over as a legal body in full control of RoundOF. However, RoundOF members are not obliged to become cooperative members.

The rights to their own contents remain with the user. By using the services of RoundOF, you allow the operator to process your data for this purpose in all requisite types within RoundOF. Also you allow other users (the community) to access your data and distribute your contributions within RoundOF further.

User Responsibilities
By your participation in RoundOF, you're bound to use the platform only for legal purposes. This therefore excludes copyright violations, incitement to crime, child porn and every other illegal action. Please inform yourself in doubt about the applicable law. Also please note that RoundOF is ad free. So please do not spam. For infringements individual contributions or complete accounts can be deleted or user rights may be removed from individual accounts. No refund in such cases.

As a user, you can cancel at any time by deleting your account on RoundOF. The operator is entitled at any time to terminate his work on RoundOF. Should he decide to do so, he will give the community 3 months to appoint someone to carry on the project. If the community fails to appoint someone, the service will be terminated. In this case all data contained in RoundOF would be deleted.

RoundOF is operated by

Achim Wagenknecht
Helmutstr. 12
42287 Wuppertal
Germany +49 179 451 73 87
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