The generous network

Come in, you are invited! Here the RoundOF community grows out of people who have fun to give something to others - for example to you. That's why we donate this social network to each other. And that's why RoundOF is free and still ad-free. Important: RoundOF is not about dating, it's all about the community. Install the app now.

RoundOF puts you in a good mood

RoundOF ensures a good atmosphere. How does it work? Very simple: We finance RoundOF on a mutual basis – like a drinking round. And that is simply fun: giving or bu>ying each other a little something. You don't have any money right now? No matter! Just join in. We invite you anyway, be our guest!

RoundOF works like a drinking round: Everybody buys one from time to time, so everybody is always provided for. It's as simple as that! And the best thing about inviting each other: It's fun and puts everyone in a good mood – for each individual and for all together.

RoundOF is financed by the mutual spending of little amounts of money. Therefore we do not need any advertising. RoundOF is at the same time free, inexpensive and priceless.

If you want, you can give someone else or a group a time on RoundOF – but you don't have to.

Will that work? Try it out!

There is no advertising on RoundOF and there never will be.

How does it work?
RoundOF is financed by the users for each other. Therefore RoundOF is not dependent on advertising.

What is so bad about advertising?

Platforms which are financed by advertising evaluate the data of the users. They are also called "data kraken". As a participant you are under constant observation. Do you like the feeling of being observed?
Advertising-financed offers depend on capturing the attention of the user for as long as possible. To achieve this, the users have to be manipulated. Such platforms are therefore designed for manipulation from the ground up. This also makes it easier for other actors to manipulate the participants.
The free exchange between the participants is hindered if advertising interferes again and again.

The topic of advertising, consumption and what follows from it is lively discussed in RoundOF. Sign up and give your opinion!

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For Friends
On RoundOF you always stay in touch with your friends, share photos, comments and videos with them. And more.
No Spying
There is no advertising on RoundOF. Your data will not be sold. We don't need it, because we donate the platform to each other.
RoundOF belongs to us
It is contractually regulated that the platform is exclusively for its users, for us and for you. On RoundOF there are no shareholders and no advertisers. Only the community.

RoundOF belongs to us

RoundOF is currently owned by the operator Achim Wagenknecht. He undertakes not to sell the project, but to transfer the ownership of RoundOF to the community at fair conditions in case of success. This promise is backed up by a considerable contractual penalty: if he should nevertheless sell RoundOF, he will pay each individual member compensation of 1,000 euros.

When RoundOF generates enough profit to establish a formal company, a cooperative will be formed (german eingetragene Genossenschaft). In this way the RoundOF community as a legal entity will take control of RoundOF.

We finance RoundOF on a mutual basis

How does that work?
You don't pay a cent for your participation. But if you want, you can pay someone else’s membership fee. It's no more expensive than to buy a drink for a friend.

And how exactly does it work?
You can register and participate for free. To use all features of RoundOF, you need a Plus-Account. Someone will buy you one.

Why should someone else pay for me?
Because that person also needs someone to pay for them.

Why should I pay for someone else?
Because you need someone to pay for you, too.

What does "reciprocity" mean?
You can pay for anyone but yourself. You can also pay for a whole group.

And what's the point of that?
It's fun to give each other gifts. "Small gifts keep friendship alive" says an old proverb. And according to this motto, giving each other presents at RoundOF strengthens friendships and creates a good atmosphere.

For taking part you won't pay a cent. If you want, you can pay for someone else. That costs about the amount like one or two drinks in a bar.

What does RoundOF look like? [Screenshots]

What is this all about? Learn more.

Still more questions? Read the FAQ.

The small print. You will be amazed at how beneficial the regulations are for users.

You have praise, criticism, suggestions or questions? Then please use the contact form or send me an e-mail.

What can you do on RoundOF? Chat, post a status, like, comment, stay in contact to friends, discuss, meet new people, fool around, load up photos, and much more.