We finance RoundOF on a mutual basis

How does that work?
You don't pay a cent for your participation. But if you want, you can pay someone else’s membership fee. It's no more expensive than to buy a drink for a friend.

And how exactly does it work?
You can register and participate for free. To use all features of RoundOF, you need a Plus-Account. Someone will buy you one.

Why should someone else pay for me?
Because that person also needs someone to pay for them.

Why should I pay for someone else?
Because you need someone to pay for you, too.

What does "reciprocity" mean?
You can pay for anyone but yourself. You can also pay for a whole group.

And what's the point of that?
It's fun to give each other gifts. "Small gifts keep friendship alive" says an old proverb. And according to this motto, giving each other presents at RoundOF strengthens friendships and creates a good atmosphere.