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Connect and share with friends, post photos and videos, meet new people, discuss everything under the sun – all this you can do on RoundOF. RoundOF is not a dating platform. It's all about the community, not about finding a partner. The special feature is that RoundOF is financed on reciprocity. RoundOF is therefore free of advertising and does not exploit your data – it doesn't need to.

Until now, there are two main business models for online communities: donations and advertising. RoundOF explores a third way: Participation is chargeable, but the revenues are owned by the community. You do not pay to an anonymous company but you pay into the common fund of all participants. The Community decides what to do with the profits.
But RoundOF is solidary on another level, too: you can not pay for yourself, but only for someone else. This mutual gift giving strengthens the friendships and the community, and improves the social climate.
There is no guarantee that the concept works. But if it works, we have the chance to form a wonderful community here. With a social climate that is much more pleasant than on other platforms. So, let's try it!

Because RoundOF is funded by the users, it is exclusively committed to the users. Neither advertising nor data tracking exploit your relationships. It will remain this way, because RoundOF is legally protected against acquisitions, it will always be dedicated to its users alone.

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