No Advertising

There is no advertising on RoundOF and there never will be.

How does it work?
RoundOF is financed by the users for each other. Therefore RoundOF is not dependent on advertising.

What is so bad about advertising?

Platforms which are financed by advertising evaluate the data of the users. They are also called "data kraken". As a participant you are under constant observation. Do you like the feeling of being observed?
Advertising-financed offers depend on capturing the attention of the user for as long as possible. To achieve this, the users have to be manipulated. Such platforms are therefore designed for manipulation from the ground up. This also makes it easier for other actors to manipulate the participants.
The free exchange between the participants is hindered if advertising interferes again and again.

The topic of advertising, consumption and what follows from it is lively discussed in RoundOF. Sign up and give your opinion!

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