Good Mood
RoundOF puts you in a good mood
RoundOF ensures a good atmosphere. How does it work? Very simple: We finance RoundOF on a mutual basis – like a drinking round. And that is simply fun: giving or buying each other a little something.

You don't have any money right now? No matter! Just join in. We invite you anyway, be our guest!

RoundOF works like a drinking round: Everybody buys one from time to time, so everybody is always provided for. It's as simple as that! And the best thing about inviting each other: It's fun and puts everyone in a good mood – for each individual and for all together.

RoundOF is financed by the mutual spending of little amounts of money. Therefore we do not need any advertising. RoundOF is at the same time free, inexpensive and priceless.

If you want, you can give someone else or a group a time on RoundOF – but you don't have to.

Will that work? Try it out!

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