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Question: What does "RoundOF" mean?

Answer: It means "Round Of Friends", a round of friends, because RoundOF is used to communicate with the round of your friends. You can also interpret it as "Round OF anything", round of something, a round of ... relatives, colleagues, sport comrades, allotment gardeners, football fans - every round is welcome.

Question: Which functions does RoundOF offer?

Answer: You can create a profile on RoundOF, search the profiles of others, find like-minded people and make friends with them. You can post your status, comment on the status of others, click "Like", post photos, discuss in forums, chat, exchange personal messages, create open or closed groups and much more. Additional features will be added at the request of the community.

Question: What is special about RoundOF?

Answer: RoundOF is ad-free and only obligated to the users, because it is financed by them. RoundOF is cheap and priceless at the same time: You cannot buy the membership, you can only get it as a gift. The users finance their participation mutually.

Question: What can I expect after registration?

Answer: You get a full membership for one month. During this time you have to get someone to buy you the next month, and so on. Should you ever drop out of the full membership you will have limited access to RoundOF. As a restricted member you can search the user list: Maybe one of your friends is already on RoundOF. You can also exchange messages with other users and pay for others. You can also sign up for more than one and pay each other the full membership. As long as you are a full member, you can use all features of RoundOF.

Question: Do I have to give my real name?

Answer: No.

Question: Why should I pay for someone else?

Answer: Because someone else is paying for you too.

Question: Why doesn't everybody just pay for themselves?

Answer: Because it makes you happy and strengthens friendship when you give each other gifts.

Question: Is RoundOF ready?

Answer: RoundOF already contains all essential functions and can be used. But it is constantly being developed further.

Question: Why is RoundOF not free of charge?

Answer: Because "free" offers live from evaluating the data of their users and selling it to the advertising industry. On RoundOF your data is not sold. RoundOF is only committed to you, its users.

Question: Why is RoundOF already chargeable? Shouldn't there be a free beta phase?

Answer: The main innovation of RoundOF is the business model. Therefore RoundOF can not be tested in a reasonable way without paying fees.

Question: Can I not participate for free?

Answer: That is possible. You are not obliged to pay. You can get others to finance your participation even without money, for example by being very nice, funny or smart and posting helpful or entertaining contributions.

Question: What happens if a large company takes over RoundOF?

Answer: That will not happen. The operator is contractually obliged to transfer RoundOF - if at all - exclusively to the RoundOF community. If RoundOF becomes too big to be run as a sole proprietor, a cooperative will be founded as a carrier. This is a form of organisation that cannot be "bought" or "taken over" like a public limited company or a limited liability company. This ensures that RoundOF will continue to be committed only to its users in the future.

Question: Who is the RoundOF community?

Answer: The RoundOF-Community consists of all members of RoundOF.

Question: On which software does RoundOF run?

Answer: UNA.

Question: Why UNA?

Answer: I have tested a lot of social networking platforms in advance. UNA met my requirements best, especially it has a ready-to-use payment interface. And since fair and sustainable financing by the users is a central concern of RoundOF, this was decisive.

How can you pay?

Answer: With PayPal or bank transfer.

Question: Why is there no function XY?

Answer: Write your wish in the forum. If enough participants support it, it will be implemented, if technically and financially possible and legal.

Question: Which target group is RoundOF aimed at?

Answer: To all.

Question: Why a cooperative?

Answer: A cooperative offers many advantages for RoundOF: it is protected against takeovers and democratically organised. At the same time, a cooperative is also a profit-oriented business enterprise that can and should generate tangible benefits for its members. The purpose of the cooperative is to operate and develop a communication platform for members and their friends. This is the most solid and sustainable basis for RoundOF. Cooperatives are also allowed to distribute profits to the shareholders, so that participations are also worthwhile as a financial investment - an additional incentive to participate. Why should we leave it to Google and Facebook to generate profits with our data? With RoundOF we keep both the data and the profits for ourselves. Nevertheless, speculators are excluded, because cooperative shares cannot be freely traded like shares. There is no "share price" to speculate on, because the cooperative shares always retain the same value. The cooperative offers especially interested members the opportunity to participate in RoundOF, both in the decisions on the project and in its profits.

Question: Would it not be better to offer RoundOF free of charge on the basis of donations and volunteers?

Answer: If you think it should be done that way, then do it. However, we are convinced that it will benefit the members if their platform is run professionally, i.e. by paid staff.

Participation in RoundOF costs 3 to a maximum of 6 euros per month. You can reduce the costs by actively participating. Apart from that, you don't pay for your participation yourself anyway, but are invited by others.
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